Treadmill Donation Made Easy

Treadmill Donation

Treadmills bought with the intention to run long miles at home and kill the excuse of not being able to make it to the gym for keeping up with fitness goals don’t really work for many and often treadmills become a junk and collecting dust. But your heavy investment doesn’t have to end up in a dumpster; there are philanthropic ways you can make use of to get rid of treadmills occupying space at your home. There are many non-profits that accept treadmill donations and arrange a pick up from your home so you don’t have to bother wheeling out the bulky machine on your own.

Before contacting an organization for a treadmill donation, you should be certain of its sound functionality without any glitches or a worn out machine would also be of no use to them. Alternatively, for beyond-repair treadmills, you can check out the places and events for recycling so you could still make environmental impact. Because disposing of the treadmills releases harmful toxins that pollute air, land and water. Also, you play a role in promoting million dollar green energy industry and creating job opportunities for many associated with it.


Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a place to put your treadmill to use if it is not serving you for any good, better than leave it collecting dust than to lend it for a cause. They work towards the support of domestic violence victims, homeless families and children, youth at high risk and vulnerable, the elderly and many more causes. To donate your long-sitting treadmill to Salvation Army you need to make sure your equipment meets the standard requirements, which is a clean and a working treadmill. It is better to check pre-hand with your local branch whether they are accepting the donation and under what circumstances.


AMVETS National Service Foundation

AMVETS accepts the treadmill donations but you need to check for a location nearby in order to arrange the equipment pick-up.


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat Restores exists in many states across the US but your treadmill donation will be accepted or not depends on the location. They usually accept building materials and other household items as donations to further the cause they support but they might be receiving treadmill donation too. Your local branch can guide you better.



Goodwill previously accepted used treadmills but has now closed doors for the used equipment due to unknown reasons. Still if you are skeptical about it, check with your local Goodwill if they are still entertaining the used treadmill. If you have run out of local options to give away your treadmill to a nonprofit and it is doing really well then better ask in your social circle. There is a good chance someone would be planning their next purchase and you would just be the exact match. Try listing it on Facebook marketplace or haul it to curb with a label free.


Local gyms

Local gyms are your best resource to ask for places where you can donate your treadmill. They can guide you with a list who picks up and redistributes it to the ones who need it or they accept treadmill themselves if your treadmill is as good as new.


Local high schools and YMCAs

Local high schools have various clubs that promote health and fitness, Y or Boys and Girls Club is one of such places where you can give away your equipment for good. The only barrier is do it all yourself. You need to disassemble and arrange moving as they don’t facilitate a pick-up. If you are in for the ordeal your long standing machine is gone for good.


Pickup please

Pickup please is a donation pick up program that extends its pick up services of exercise equipment in order to serve the US veterans. Their support for Vietnam Veterans of America lets you empty your garage and also get the tax deductible receipt. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting, jus schedule a pick-up, and leave the things with labels and the driver will wheel out your equipment without bothering you on the scheduled day.

Treadmill donations aren’t smooth like other, but with thorough research you might find a new owner for your exercising equipment that can make use of it.