Dr Gershom Sikaala – Founder

Gershom Sikaala is a businessman, humanitarian, author, speaker, television host, media personality, and global peace ambassador. Born in Zambia, he pursued Business Administration at the University of Cambridge and holds an honorary doctorate from the United Graduates College in Virginia. Notably, he founded Zambikes, specializing in bamboo bicycles. As an international speaker, Gershom hhe has addressed audiences across all continents and engaged with numerous world leaders due to his diplomatic background. As a compassionate humanitarian, Dr. Sikaala facilitated significant medical supply donations and distributed thousands of shoes to the impoverished in South Africa. His current focus is the Global Charity Initiative (GCI), dedicated to eradicating global poverty. Based in Los Angeles, he hosts his show, “You Will Never Be The Same,” on the Cross TV satellite network, which he co-founded, reaching millions worldwide. Dr. Sikaala is also a prolific author, with notable works including “And You Shall Live,” “Breakthrough Thinking,” “Fathered by the Visible Father,” and “New Dimension of Glory.”

“When I was a little boy in Africa I remember helping my grandmother.  As a teen, being separated from my mom and dad I knew I could help my grandmother.  So I started a business where I was selling nuts and birds and would give proceeds to my grandmother.  Later on in life I discovered my dad was a wealthy man and most of my dads workers were from the neighboring community.  My father provided jobs for most of the community. I could see many skillful and hard working people without much of a future.  They were living from hand to mouth although they were well taken care of. These experiences encouraged my dream to end poverty so I started a social business called Zambikes.  This social enterprise has been supported by the Bill Clinton Foundation for malaria project, the Bill Gates Dove Foundation, and we were also blessed to work with World Vision, UN SAFE, USAID, Red Cross, Salvation Army and a Canadian organization, Pregnancy Prevention in Africa, Seeds of Hope, Africycle, Worldbike USA, etc.

Reinvesting the profits from Zambikes wisely back into the community, we drilled wells for water and gave bicycles to mothers who could not have transportation and access to a hospital.  These mothers could use our trailer bikes called Zambulances. Furthermore, we were eventually able to build nice, cosy homes for our workers, assist in paying school tuition and help funding weddings that were more colorful!

Living in Los Angeles and going around skid row, our company Zambikes started a project there to help end homelessness.  The dream of GCI is to end homelessness on skid row and to empower the Boys and Girls Club with the right materials to break the mindset of poverty for this generation and generations to come.