Our mission is to eradicate poverty on a global scale by empowering people to take charge of their lives, primarily by achieving a shift in mindset.

  • We will establish entrepreneurial programs to strategically make a difference in struggling families, by offering business mentorship and making available financial resources for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • We will introduce new technologies that can sustain mankind.
  • We will improve infrastructures that will eradicate poverty.
  • We will work with key people in communities, states, and countries, with the goal of building a network of decision-makers.
  • Essentially, we are building an ecosystem of change.
  • This will be done by using books including “Break Through Thinking” and many more mindset centered texts to change their perceptions.
  • Connecting businesses to businesses for profit will not only stimulate positive relationships between entrepreneurs, but also ensure funding for the non-profit, as certain percentages will go directly towards our charity.
  • We will also be connecting the arts and entertainment industry with our charity to foster interest and speedy proliferation of our initiative.
  • We will be working closely with some of the greatest minds and financial moguls to share and pass on their knowledge to the world.
  • Dissemination of mindset and economics books to inner city kids in various communities.
  • Partnerships with boy’s and girl’s clubs in inner city communities.
  • Mentorship in inner city communities as well as boy’s and girl’s clubs.
  • We will empower the poverty-stricken global population.
  • We will provide capital to people who need it most.
  • Rather than giving out handouts, we will focus on changing the mentality of the poor by lifting them out of poverty consciousness.
  • Poverty mindset is an illness that needs to be cured by providing the right information; we will spread this information.
  • Every person on the planet deserves an opportunity to change their lives.
  • We will be there for them and encourage them to improve themselves.
  • We will train the nationals and locals in areas of need, by helping them see the already existing resources in their country or community. The purpose of this is to empower them to end the struggle.
  • We will not be taking away from other charity organizations; rather, we will inspire them to work together.
  • This is how we will bring people together and form lasting relationships of success and empowerment.
  • We will help them with our tools and connections, especially successful mentors, people who have succeeded from nothing.
  • We will encourage the spirit of self-dependency, rather than the act of depending on someone else. This is to successfully eradicate the “victim” mindset.
  • However, we will encourage partnerships of empowerment, not self-reliances.