Different Type of Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a real task and require ample planning and effort to make sure all your efforts don’t go in vain and by the end of the fundraiser you have hit above the target or at least near to that. Convincing people to empty their pockets and support your cause requires creativity with different types of fundraisers. Some of the proven and tried fundraising ideas below help to raise funds for your cause.

Peer –to- Peer fundraising

Peer- to- peer fundraising pushes the envelopes for greater reach and higher influence through the power of personal connections. Your campaign’s success is dependent highly on the passion and dedication of your volunteers. It’s an organic way to increase your online community manifolds by leveraging the networks of your staff or the recruited volunteers. People are more likely to donate if the advocate is a familiar voice.

Some of the ways the volunteers could spread the word without being pushy can be:

House party

Pet party

Dog wash

Bingo night


Influencer Marketing

In the past few years the trend of influencers endorsing your cause and participating actively in raising funds has speeded up the process. Because of the wider audience, thrust worthy and authentic voices, influencers have a better foot to raise awareness, spread the key messages and inspire actions among on online community.

The best part of leveraging influencer marketing is that almost all influencer supports a cause and you can get your mission in their feed, but finding the right one that aligns with the cause and supports the cause is equally imperative for the success of the campaign or it can hurt your efforts.


Get your running shoes on. Marathons are a fun way to raise your fundraiser thermometer by actually getting all the donors involved to make them feel connected in a healthier way. A wider audience base can be attracted through this idea which may involve sports person, health enthusiasts and businesses that promote health and sports.

Associating your marathon to a theme can bring another flare to it, like “celebrating women achieving breakthroughs in life” and inviting over profiles to run in the marathon and support your cause. Planning a marathon fundraiser requires a lot of planning that involves, non-profit merchandise, deciding on the routes, marketing the event, medical services and much more but it is all worth the hassle.

Variations like cyclotron, walkathon or wheel your soul could serve the same purpose.

Social media challenges

Among different types of fundraisers, this is our favorite pick. Social media challenges are always trending and tend to gain momentum in no time. The impacts of these challenges are astonishing as we look back to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which took   on a life of its own and raised $115 million for ALS Association. Even Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg joined in on the fun.

All you need is a strong online presence with a large following and a fun challenge that aligns with your cause to get started and the power of social media just follows! The main idea behind the social media challenge is to come up with a creative and fun challenge that can invoke a philanthropic spirit among the ones who encounter it

Organizations can easily pull off the fundraiser through this challenge by motivating all the employees to be a part of it with their hashtag game on and rest would keep spreading.


Donation match challenge

This is another fun way for corporations  to take their fundraising campaign online, more like a corporate matching gifts but more inclusive in terms of donor participation. The better part is that anyone can donate and doesn’t have to be necessarily the employee to get their gift matched. All you need is to find a business that is willing to partner with you to match the donations of that challenge. Create a day long challenge and promote the event.




This kind of fundraiser can hit two targets with the same arrow; fundraising and environment cleaning. Collect sponsorships to share your mission. Corporate Social Responsibility has grown over years to be the key player in the philanthropy market, as organizations have a sizable budget earmarked for their discretionary CSR initiatives. Organizations have higher consideration for the causes that matter to them like education, road safety, environment and much more.

Get sponsors to donate against the trash cleaned up in serve-a-thon. Your funds raised and town cleaned at the same time.

To raise funds for nonprofit or corporation, creative and news ideas are needed. Put all your heart and soul and have fun along the journey trying different types of fundraisers.