Letter asking for donations from businesses made easy – best tips with sample


Crafting meaningful messages to deliver to your donors and asking them for donations to kick start crowdfunding doesn’t have to be rocket science, all you need is a well-written and well-drafted letter that conveys your message and purpose. What is said? At what time?  To whom? are some of the essentials that might increase your chances to entice the readers to pool in for your cause. Rest you can always count on our sample letter asking for donations from businesses for a head start to your fundraising efforts.

What are donation letters?

Letter for donations have a lion’s share in the fundraising campaigns and have delivered above and beyond the targets for many if done right. These are the letters sent to the corporate donors asking them for the funds or in-kind gifts for nonprofit or any institution you are fundraising for. Corporate donors can be a private entity, SMEs, Fortune 500s or any business irrespective of their size.

How donation letters help?

Corporates have a big chunk reserved for their CSR activities and their donations are part of the program and budget they have allocated for giving back to the society as a responsible member of the community. There is therefore a greater chance for you to take them into loop as a one-time or recurring donor by writing them letters (how you ace that is on hold for a while before we get done with the basics). Now you need to know beforehand that this is a win-win partnership for both of you, you get the resources to make things happen and they fulfill corporate social responsibility along with the mileage. Donations that take the form of sponsorship put the business right in front of their target audience. Hence, business letters asking for donations can be great touchpoint, giving you ample space to talk about the cause, its impact, and how they might help with the ripple effect. A heartfelt note without being pushy is the key.

How can you make donation letters better?

First things first, make sure you use the letter head of your nonprofit if you have one (invest in it for authenticity). The donors need to know the authenticity of your existence or you might end up in scam.

Personalization is warm and lets the reader connect more to your letter. Address the concerned authority for a human-to-human element. Go beyond the name of the organization. Recognize their past philanthropic efforts or commend on their CSR activities you have been following (run a deep research, of course it’s time consuming but worth the hassle).

Put the art of storytelling in action .Your story is the pivotal point to the whole process. Narrate your nonprofit story, and to every story there is a hero, who brings about the change. Let them know about their heroic impact through their donations. A life saved of a stray animal with shelter and food or low income housing for seniors made possible.

A clear message of what you expect and the reason to write, beating behind the bush and assuming the reader would know is insane. Say it out loud and clear! We need you to donate or sponsor the event, period.


Ever heard of CTAs? You do right? As important as they are to push the customers through the sales funnel, they can help you too reiterate the message and drive action.

Donor experience is my version of customer experience. Make the process simpler and easy, don’t make them fill huge forms, a lot of paper work and do their own research in order to make a contribution. They are more likely to deviate due to the burdensome and lengthy procedures to make donations. Mention all the needed addresses and details that might be needed to make a donation.

Sample letter asking for donations from businesses

A letter high in regards to content, framework, structure and everything is all you need for the inspiration to start with crowdfunding.


Dear ABC

The steering committee at XYZ and all the members are so grateful for the support you extend to our nonprofit every now and then. It would be a real stretch of funds to make our programs run smoothly if you won’t be a big part of it. You help us paint a bigger picture with our big mission of [cause]. Your last contribution helped us raise the funds and bring about the change [impact].

After a year of busy events and making things happen for XYZ, we are geared up towards taking our support ahead in [cause], for which we are looking forward to seek your contribution for the cause. The current fundraising campaign is an effective way to serve the community you and we belong to. Your recent philanthropic activities have amazed us and we are excited to share that our cause completely aligns with your ideology and values.

Your commitment to make world a better place is well recognized and we will make sure you receive every coverage (special mention in fundraiser, wall signage, and more).

I would again extend my gratitude for all that you do for our initiative, and thank you for the donation in advance. Below are the details and form for your contributions, it would take a minute to get done with it, please contribute as much as you believe in our fundraiser.

How many stars will you give to the sample letter? Keep the above mentioned guide to the best donation letter before you start rating.