8 Humanitarian organizations that are making impact and helping victims

Humanitarian Organizations

We have featured the best nonprofits hard at work worldwide to offer relief and support to the war victims, refugees, hunger and poverty ridden communities and underserved population. Each one serving a unique purpose makes a life-changing impact on the lives of survivors in close partnership with corporate donors, funding agencies and volunteer network. Help them build hope and resilient communities and save humanity from the looming crisis. Together we can make world a better place through donations, things we no longer need or dedicated time to join the cause.


Books for Africa

Africa is one of the largest continents suffering through man-made famine and poverty since ages. Book famine is one of the crises they go through, which hinders the progress and education in the region. Books for Africa is working to end Book Famine in Africa. It is their way to work towards betterment of the continent by improving access to books, digital libraries and other resources. On their mission to source, ship and distribute books to Africa, they have made the access to free books to the students easy, with the provision of donated books. Almost 54 African countries have benefited through their shipping efforts with 41 million books, uncountable computers and e-readers containing digital books. In the past few years’ shipment of 10 new law and human rights libraries to 18 African countries was a milestone they hit to promote education in Africa.


Direct relief

Direct Relief has a massive impact over changing the quality of life in the poverty-ridden areas by delivering a world of good. With a global reach of more than 80 countries and serving within 50 states, Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization that targets the well-being and health of people met by poverty, calamities and natural disasters. They operate without ethnocultural distinctions and in areas that are deemed as high-risk population by other aid organizations.


Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain is a Christian faith-based organization where all their efforts to meet the human survival needs are driven by the faith in Christ and inspired by his mighty character. They believe in following his footsteps of feeding a hungry or healing the sufferer. Volunteer network been a major part of their donation dominant programs, Grain Train meets the real needs by collecting food, clothing, medical supplies and anything that is needed for survival and aid in the US or in the world.


Matthew 25: Ministries

Matthew 25: Ministries is a hope for poor locally and globally; those who got struck by catastrophes.  In their mission of provision of life basics to those who need it the most, they take an approach of recycle and reuse. They collect, rescue and reuse the things that are no longer in use from corporations and meet the needs of poor communities in the world by making food, clothing and shelter accessible to those hit by natural disasters. Their programs offer relief to the poor communities and those caught in a vicious cycle of poverty.


CitiHope Relief and Development

CitiHope Relief and Development along with its corporate donors, private funding agencies and other non-profits, works on the betterment of life expectancy by aiding the health related issues for promoting well-being of underserved population worldwide. Spreading awareness on fatal diseases, curing the widespread outbreaks, treating the chronic health conditions and working to curb the spread of diseases, are some of the main target areas of CitiHope for promoting healthy living. They run programs for rational pharmaceutical management training and HIV/AIDS education along with the provision of medical supplied to meet immediate needs.


Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International is not merely meeting the well-being of people with medical supplies or life-saving aid; they have an empathetic and compassionate approach towards humans in the world. The victims are treated a lot more than just the patients. They strive to touch their lives in every way possible by offering help physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. While taking a 360 degree approach on the victims they offer diversified medical help that includes maternal and pediatric healthcare services for infants and expecting mothers, dental care through mobile dental program for low-income communities, medical assistance in refugee camps globally and relief programs in the wake of disasters.


Vitamin Angels

Poverty and hunger is followed by malnutrition and we are losing thousands of lives to starvation and malnutrition in Africa. Ethiopia is a living example of the dire consequences of the case. Founded by Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels fights the war against malnutrition with life-saving vitamins. Mothers and children are offered vitamins to fend off malnutrition and regain the health. Vitamin Angels was founded in 1994 backed by his years of experience as mid-wife and natural products industry. Back in1994, Vitamin Angels was asked for helping the children suffering through malnutrition as a result of Northridge Earthquake in Southern California. He successfully dealt with the situation and has kept growing since then.


Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti is dedicated towards the upgrade in the quality of life the people are spending there. Haiti is among the world’s poorest countries and the poorest country in the Latin America with its population mostly of African descent. The programs aim to improve the quality of life with projects related to social business, solar power, UV filtration, the use of Electronic Medical Records to competently offer solutions and empower the people in the region. Hope for Haiti is successfully making the lives better since 29 years.