Starving kids in Ethiopia – a man-made famine claiming lives

Starving kid in ethiopia

Hunger in Africa is a long running issue due to throes of famine causing food insecurity in many regions. Ethiopia, the second-most populous country in the continent is one of those suffering which is classed as the all-time worst after Somalia lost 250,000 lives. Adding to the food insecurity and drought, pandemic has paralyzed the already crippled health system.  About 33, 000 adolescents, below the age of five are at the brink of death due to malnutrition and starvation in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

As if starvation itself wasn’t enough of a chronic pain for the children, due to malnutrition, the deadly hunger succumbed to chronic diseases like Malaria, Cholera and Diarrhea, leading to life-threatening situation for children to add to the catastrophe. Because malnutrition causes stunted growth, the children are unable to grow mentally and physically with organs not functioning at the fullest and ultimately claim their life with complete failure. This is death with immense pain, no life on earth deserves to suffer and die in agony.

Conflict between the government and rebels, TPLF, the ruling party for the past two decades and one of the strongest opposition forces in Tigray has exhausted the food situation and at the same time made it quite impossible for the humanitarian organization to reach out for help. The regions have become inaccessible as the forces in action have fettered the help keeping everyone out at bay despite of warnings issued by United Nation agencies about the situation leading to human life sacrifices we haven’t seen in a decade.

World health organization teams along with humanitarian organizations are ready to help end hunger and address famine with mobile health clinics ready to intervene in the dire situation. But warring parties have made it difficult to administer care.

The authorities have ringed the alarm bell about the deadly combination of Malaria and malnutrition that hunger here hosts. The drastic consequences will only claim lives, lives of children, many of them.

Rainfall season hangs somewhere between beauty and nuisance as it can trigger the outbreak of cholera in the war-ridden area. Vaccination campaigns and all other measures are in place but the ultimate success depends on the safe access to the place.

Government has ensured cease-fire and withdrawal of militant troops from Tigray to counter hostility and enablement of aid by the WHO agencies and humanitarian organizations.

Challenges faced by children of Ethiopia

  • About 2.5 million are displaced within due to crisis
  • 40 percent children are suffering from stunting due to extreme malnutrition
  • Almost 5 out of 10 children are abused with child labor, and do not engage in learning.
  • 33% live below poverty line.


The food emergency in Tigray demand immediate action. Hunger, food insecurity, poverty, drought, pandemic and conflict have taken toll over every aspect of their lives. Fortunately there is some hope from nonprofits working actively to provide lifesaving care for new born babies.

African lives matter, donate to organizations like Save the Children and more, working closely with local communities in Ethiopia to make the lives of children better and healthy. Your contributions can help treat children with acute malnutrition, cover the costs of treatment, routine medications, and cost of staff.

In long-term for lingering effects, the donations can help pay for a household to breed livestock for constant and steady provision of food after the food emergency.