New Cheerleading Fund Raisers for Cheerleading Squad


 Big “G” Little “O”

Every season is a cheer season. Cheer leaders have many things to plan for other than the cheers that
get the crowd going and their fun routines to cheer and motivate the sport team. And as the most fancy,
heartthrob and desirable squad of the school/ college they need to keep up with the reputation to slay
their looks, routines and accessories. This calls for arranging supplies, uniforms, props, training, running
into competitions, space and much more, which requires funds, more funds and lots of funds. A lot of
effort on the back end yeah? We know you have a beast to feed and some of the best cheerleading
fundraisers can help you get through.

Customized Covid Essentials

Who wouldn’t want hand sanitizers and face masks branded with your cheer team’s name. Fans are
willing to die to get those customized things to show their support and have a sense of belonging and
apart from sweat, shirts and bombers branded marks and hand sanitizers it’s a big win for the cheer
squad to raise funds by selling them, it’s surely a hit among the social circle and the member themselves
to build a camaraderie.


The most common yet the most workable idea for fundraising of any type- walk! Fitness enthusiasts and
health freaks love the idea of a long walk while supporting a cause. Have friends and family support the
pledge and participate. Arrange a venue in a nearby park or reserve a school track for the run. Make it
fun and add the competition element by having memento at the end. It’s a classic, never fails.

Makeup and hair classes

You have us in awe with hair and make-up so on point. Turn those fantasies of young girls to doll up like
cheerleaders into reality. Sharing few makeup tips and teaching them to be a pro in the aesthetics won’t
hurt. Host classes as MUA and let girls reserve spots to bring that magic in their lives. Or simple offer
makeovers for every donation dropped into your donation box. Invest in clean makeup and hit the
ground running.


Taking an auction live would help you spread the word quick and maximize the reach manifolds. Amid
the pandemic virtual auctions can lend a greater support and gather more eye balls to your
cheerleading fundraiser. Make it an informed event with ample promotion before the big day so you
could bring many sponsors under the belt. Your fans, their parents, acquaintances in business can
support you by donating stuff to get auctioned. The more the merrier! Many nonprofits and schools use
platforms like OneCause or to host online auctions. They are free!

Cheer classes

Everyone fancy cheerleading and want to roar out loud the cheers and flaunt those dance moves, and
your cheer sessions could be just the chance for them to grab an opportunity to have an insider look
into the world of cheerleading. Start with a simple routine, get the dance moves ready with simple
cheers and claps and start the enrollment for the novices. Cheerleading is a lot more than fun! It is your
time to show everyone the sweat and blood you put into cheerleading. And of course the money, you
can raise plenty of funds without investing much.

Customized cheers

Making the donors feel special and acknowledged with limelight in your cheers helps you up your game
of fundraising. It shows you care about their support with extra effort. Getting personal is special, more
is better. Mention their name or anything in special associated with the donors in your cheers.
Things can get really overwhelming when you need cheerleading fundraisers to work. When you put the
effort and right ideas to action you have a lucrative way to finance the expenses of the squad and to
foot the bill for training. Try these cheerleading fundraisers and watch your funds exceed your wild